When Brooklyn Met New Orleans

Lindsey (a first-generation Haitian-American) and Alvin (originally from New Orleans) first met at her apartment during a kickback that she was hosting.  Alvin was to be a "plus one" as his friend had been the one invited to the party.  He received word that his friend wouldn't be able to make it, but was encouraged to attend anyway.  He shows up not knowing many other guests.  Lindsey welcomes him with open arms. Five years later, they are engaged to be married.

Issa love story.

They are currently living in Louisiana and knew that New Orleans would be the best place for their engagement session. We were set on journeying through the French Quarter with their only request being that I didn't have them out there looking like "new love." Ha! We started at the 'French Market Inn,' which was the hotel they stayed in to celebrate their five years of dating.  As I waited for them to meet me downstairs, I realized the courtyard was so dreamy and would be our first setting.  We made our way through the hotel because there was such a vintage appeal that needed to be captured.  We then hit the streets, danced a little, and walked until sunset.  

They are so into each other that there was no problem capturing the true essence of their relationship. This was definitely a session to remember.