Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot in a studio?

I practice natural light photography so I primarily shoot on-location.  This means that you will be photographed outdoors.  There are, however, special circumstances that require indoor photography.  These include, hospitals, a small indoor studio for newborns, indoor scenery for lifestyle sessions, and etc.

What is your photographic style?

I've always had a thing for really old, vintage films.  Even as a child.  With readily accessible information on the internet, I do lots of film research and have become obsessed with stills from the movies I enjoy most.  I like to capture photographs as though they are stills from your very personal, intimate film. Hence my phrase, "Life is the most beautiful film. Let me capture your stills."

What is your turnaround time for edited photos?

7-14 business days.  4-6 weeks for Wedding photos.

Can I select the photos I want to have you edit?

No, I carefully look over all of your photos and select the photos that I feel represent both my brand AND your vision for your session.

Do I receive ALL of the photos from my session? Even  the unedited photos?

NO and NO. The raw, unedited files are not available for purchase or viewing and are not archived.  I've heard this question metaphorically compared to asking a caterer for leftover ingredients that were used to make your dinner. Ha! The images I SELECT to edit and deliver to you reflect my highest standards.  

Will I own the copyright to the photos you deliver to me?

NO.  I offer a print release which gives you the freedom to print, share, and post your photos wherever you choose to.  As the creator of the images, I own the copyright to each photo.  Because I own the copyright, I have the freedom to use the photos, responsibly, in any manner that I see fit. 

What is the best time of day to schedule my session?

For on-location sessions, I favor sunset or "golden hour" shoots.  The lighting is softer, more hazy, and photographs perfectly.  I typically schedule you about 45 minutes prior to "golden hour" and we shoot well into the time of the sun setting.

Where are your favorite shooting locations?

I am a natural-born explorer and I love to be outside with my family.  This leads me to discover lots of new scenery that work for my sessions.  I prefer that no two sessions look exactly the same.  I help you pick somewhere that fits the overall theme of your shoot as well as your personality.  I feel that it's VERY important for you to be comfortable wherever we are shooting.  Please note that there is an extra fee for shooting locations outside of the 30-mile radius of the 70810 area code.

What should I wear for my session?

Solid colored clothing photographs the best! However, feel free to be your creative self.  If you have any questions about an outfit, please feel free to show it to me and we can discuss what works and what doesn't.  This is a collaborative session.  (I provide all clothing for newborn studio sessions.)

I feel awkward posing for pictures.  How can I avoid that?

I love the look and feel of un-posed photography.  I prefer to capture you in your most genuine essence.  I allow couples and families to interact with each other as they would on a normal, day-to-day basis.  I find that music helps lighten up the mood and I will likely have some playing for us both to enjoy!