Afrocubana x

Lately, in any spare moments, I've found myself reading new things and writing down my thoughts that come of it.  I look for inspiration any and everywhere.  My fondness for black, female writers led me to Nancy Morejón, an Afrocubana artist. Blank pages are her canvases and words, her brush strokes.  I can't stop reading her works and have placed an order for a couple of her published books.  For now, this is my muse:

Cold penetrates our feet
and the rose’s urgency
moves us, being born.
We are in a large dam
and the papers of the universe
whirl before those
flame tree leaves
that shade us in summer.
Lovers, struck by sun,
fling themselves
to the floor of a boat,
breathing with valves
moistened by sea wind
from the South.
A timid breeze appears
and our ear, it laughs for eternity.
— Nancy Morejón