Photo by Whitney Wilkinson Photography

BEHIND the lens

Because I come from a people who don't have the benefit of accurate history, I have a passion for capturing and projecting positive images of Life into the universe.  I am driven by the need to eliminate generational disconnect and the feeling of unsatisfying curiosity when trying to imagine an ancestor's face and features. I want nothing more than to heal the self-image of a child (in the present or future) who needs to see the strength in their GREAT-great-great-great-great-grandmother's eyes.  I want them to know that "it" is in them, as it was in her.

While I enjoy capturing all of life's special moments, I am most fond of those intimate moments we want to remember forever.

My focus isn’t on the traditional family portrait with everyone’s camera-perfect smile, but instead, I like to capture what happens before and after that photo is taken. I aspire for us to work together to create a series of images that tell the real story your family at that moment in your lives, and ones you will treasure for years to come.

 I am Rachel Mayo-a wife, mother, and artist.

From my husband.

From my husband.